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Pine Federal Credit Union offers a variety of savings accounts to fit your personal needs. 

Christmas Club
Sign up now for a Christmas Club Account. Save during the year and have a debt-free holiday season! You decide when you want the check from your Christmas Club Account and call for a check to be mailed or come by our office to pick up your check. 

Contact the office for withdrawl dates during the holiday season. Once you have received your check, deposits to the account will start building your Christmas Savings for next year.

Share Accounts - Savings 
Membership at Pine Federal Credit Union starts by opening a share savings account, and you don't have to open your account with a big pile of money. Although you can deposit as much as you like, you can start saving for your future with as little as $5.00. Every valued member of Pine Federal Credit Union has a share savings account. Your savings at Pine Federal Credit Union are insured up to a $250,000 by the NCUSIF (an agency of the federal government). And, Pine Federal Credit Union has a reputation for paying higher dividends than most other financial institutions. 

Shares is another name for savings. The term dates back to the origin of credit unions at a time when a share receipt was issued for each $5.00 deposited in a credit union. You may make deposits today by use of direct deposit, payroll deduction, U.S. mail, night deposit, or in person. 

Why not start saving for your family's future today with a share savings account at Pine Federal Credit Union?


Terms in Months/ Minimum Amount

6 months / $1000 mininum amount
12 months / $1000 minimum amount

18 months / $5000 minimum amount

24 months / $5000 mininum amount

Individual Retirement Accounts

Now is the time to save for retirement. Pine Federal Credit Union offers both regular and ROTH IRA's. Contact our IRA specialist today for details.

Super Plus Savings
The Super Plus Account was designed for those members with high balance savings who want a slightly higher return than regular savings but do not want to tie up funds in a time share certificate.

Pine Savers Club

For children ages 0 - 12, this account is designed to encourage them to start saving and teaches them how to save.



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